Have a special personal or corporate event that requires fun and artistry with plenty of whatever you need? Let us help! We can accommodate events of every size and stripe at a reasonable price.  We offer one stop shopping, catering to your need offeringDJ's, Hosts, Live Music,Skilled Facilitators, and Visual Artists, we even have folks who can officiate your big day.It's RARE one group can handle all your production needs but let RARE help you pull it all together with you.

Voted best in QPOC Art! We have the best music and artists in town.   RARE is always on the cutting edge of Pop, POC and Queer Culture.  It's not uncommon for us to break with emerging art and artist on our live radio show the 2nd Thursday of the month 7pm cst RARE- Fresh Fruit on KFAI Radio 90.3 Minneapolis 106.7 St.Paul.  It is RARE to support and encourage the development of emerging artists of color.  It's what we do!


RARE'sArtist InResidency program

AIR a 14 member collective of queer and trans folx of color made of artists, activists and athletes that work to address social justice and change through art.  This fourteen member team is made of artists that RARE has been working with over the last 5 years and a few new emerging artists that RARE Productions will recruit.   Artists will work with facilitators to create work-plans and access what they need to build support mechanisms to create great art to influence change and create the dynamics they want reflected in their communities.  

RARE Productions will be a catalyst for our artists by offering space to work on their art, and some breathing room to get things done.   Many artists done have the ability or time to book themselves, maintain a website and social media presences work a "real job" and create ART.  By building our internal structure and bringing together artists to meaningfully shape and design their own platforms we will help support social change.  Artist of color often struggle with time to create art because they work traditional jobs to live and make ends meet, sometimes earning money so they can produce art.  By providing production, gallery, rehearsal, lab and venue space,  RARE House will be able to host artists more effectively allowing them to be more in control of their product and have a professional representation and a way with support to share their work .  We envision RARE House to be not only be a home-base to a troupe or cohort of artists but also a sound production studio, photo studio/dark room and gallery space, thereby giving artists connected to RARE more creative control,  more economical equality, access to audio and visual production and engineering, and access to space to show their product.  We know that artists connecting with and supporting other arts will yield great results. When artists have more creative control and economic justice with their product they have more ability to effect change.

 AIR will live at RARE House located in south Minneapolis's at 34th and Chicago. Home of  Powderhorn Park and Central Neighborhoods.

You know space is a hard thing to come by. RARE Productions has been providing space for artists to use at 3405 Chicago for six years. We started with a community driven fund raiser and have been working with artist since.  We have  A/V including a great sound system, including Mics, amps, and projection. Artists can plug in and practice. Our floor space is large and great for dance or fitness classes, band rehearsal, community meetings. Our prices are low and we will work with you.

Wanna Support RARE and great art? Give here and now through GIVE MN.  

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Artists in Residency Program