Roxanne Anderson

Quinn Villagomez

aka SHIMMER the "Shamazzing" One

Myanna is a Rapper, singer, songwriter and a Musician from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Some of her influences are Machine Gun Kelly, American Authors, Katy Perry and Bon Jovi.

Growing up Myanna has always been involved in music. For example from 1st grade to now she has played many instruments like The violin, Drums , Guitar , Voice and Piano. Currently she is working on writing her very own Ep which focuses on her journey on wanting to become a famous musician.

She has done many performances at her school and just recently had a solo act for her Choir concert. She has made history on that night because she was the first one to ever Rap at an SPCPA Choir concert. She also had her first GIG with the KFAI Radio Station in March of 2016 for International Women's day.

“ 2016 was an accomplishment for me and in 2017 I just want to keep on writing and performing to get my name out there”. - Myanna

RARE Productions works with many different artists and books for a select few.

DJ Mickey Breeze is a 15 year old year old musician who's passions include digital music, DJing, making beats and learning new things.

Breeze has been part of the Minneapolis Mobile Jazz scene for a few years and has worked with and for some of the Twin Cities biggest artists.

This year alone Breeze has DJ'd for Guante, Shelia E, opened for youth conferences in Mn and Indiana and has been part of many performances.

Breeze makes beats plays the drums, produces electric beats, plays the piano, and is a gifted artist. 

Quinn Villagomez a.k.a. SHIMMER - is a true Minnesotan, born and raised right here in the Twin Cities area. 
Shimmer has definitely been making her mark on the Twin Cities and the Community, representing  the Transgender Latinx Communities.

Shimmer  identifies as a Latina Woman of Color who is a Transgender Woman.  She has definitely seen the struggles of being a minority woman of color and faces the many criticisms that Transgender Women; specifically of color face in today's Society. This  has not stopped Shimmer from following her dreams and succeeding in her passions.
Shimmer joined KFAI Radio as a Co-Host for FRESH FRUIT with RARE Productions: FRESH FRUIT Celebrates 36+ years on KFAI. Quinn co-hosts alongside Roxanne Anderson every 2nd Thursday each month; the focus of this program is Queer Artists of Color: Dancers, Singers, Spoken Artists & more. Quinn has interviewed several local talent right here in the Twin Cities area including Former FOX 9 News Broadcaster - Robyne Robinson and Former Project Runway Designer - Christopher Straub, Big Freedia the "Queen of Bounce" , Raw Digga- OG and female rap icon, and so many more legends.  

DJ DaddyRox is a promoter, producer, Director MC/Host, DJ and all around lover of art.  Rox works to bring artists of color together to create visibility and opportunities for emerging and unrepresented artist in the Twin Cities metro area.

Rox has produced many shows and events centering Queer and Trans artists of color including but not limited to: Power to the People (P2P) 2001-2016.  SUGAR, ForePLAY, AfterGlow, BBQ-Black Brown and Queer allover, SoulNite/Soul Friday, TRANS Jam, SouthSide Pride, Fashion Scene Over South, P2P Outta the Park, South City Open Mic, GLAM Slam, POC Pride PARTAY.

Rox is a skilled facilitator and does trainings in HIV/AIDS and STD prevention, Homophobia/Transphobia, Coming Out, Racism and Marginalized Communities, Deescalation, GLBT Communities, Allyship Trans and GLBT 101, 201, 301.


Myanna Gates a.k.a Myamiami

DJ Mickey Breeze